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by Destroy Babylon

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President G. W. Babylon, chosen by Him, just dug up and old friend, a bird named Jim. Together they will fly, stablize the central lie, high above the tide, while the bottom rung are left to drown, God is still renowned. Row row row, gentley below the crow we'll build the Tower of Babyl all over again, Plead to God and say Amen. We'll build a monument for ourselves, Plead to God and place Him on our shelves. It's an invisible institution, therefore needs no resolution.
how can I implement the notion to sing about persecution? Why do I have this impulsion? I cannot start a revolution Still I try, I don't know why- we claim we're color-blind But in my mind, all the time I can see the racial divide… Well I can't join, but I could surely help cuz i believe in human rights for more than just myself and oh, am I wrong to want to fight? maybe i would understand better if if i was more like my kind blind and ignorant, selfish, inconsiderate believe me i'm far from perfect- I feel like I could look the other way And escape all this hate- but it's everywhere I see and I was born the enemy No I can't join, but I can surely yell cuz i believe in human rights for more than just myself and oh, am I wrong to want to fight? You have no idea what it's like to be me But I could never have a clue what it is to be you Too scared to protest or to question Let's make the most of our social regression…
Crises going on they don't want you to see So it's not in the news or made reality Pile on the dirt, we'll just revert And destroy another piece of the puzzle Soon it will vanish from our history The truth will be buried in layers of debris A hundred thousand lives constitutes genocide but we've got better places for our troops to reside plus, we don't know what to do, if there's nothing to pursue and when it's all through we'll grab a shovel…
Nostalgia indicates there's a problem today The youth are armed and lie in wait, in total disarray There's money for more guns while the school's are lacking funds We're taught to kill before we learn to write our will And this instrument of mine is just a weapon in my mind Which stays confined Big business sucks up and spits out My small future seems to be in doubt This Bureaucratic Beat is the Babylon we speak What we aim to defeat, but it lookin pretty bleak Marchin to the Bureaucratic Beat tho they're scarce resources we'll work them like horses But what can we do when social protest is taboo? and they always justify every wrong with a lie...
Don't stand in line, shop for free online! Download one song, don't listen, move along Novelty song culture, Save the single… "Change the CD and break the shellac, I've got music ADD so skip the track!"
These oligopolies must be destroyed This oligopoly- I've got a plan to employ But I can see our options are falling 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 it's the Big 5! Then Big 4! Soon the Big 3, then 2, 1 Pretty soon they'll all be one And the album will be gone, And no one will care, We'll try to save it I swear… But I can see our options are falling 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Big 5! Big 4! Big 3, 2, 1 It's the business man verses the musician But in the end there's no competition Money beats every opposition We've got the freedom of speech But not the freedom to be heard If it won't move millions Then the chance is absurd Enjoy your cd's while they last They're goin the way of the 8-track And soon nothing will be tangible, Just digital...
I've decided to be unresolved and effectively useless, positively unsure, undoubtedly dubious, I'm happily depressed, and I relish in the stress, Yes I'm comfortably awkward Econo, inefficient, intelligently absurd I've successfully failed and attempted to make no effort- I quickly decelerate, and the inadequate I'll appreciate… They say No child left behind But take a closer look at why I'm resigned cuz this Act segregates and then isolates The wealthy from the poor and the latter don't get a dime Kids enter school a question, marc But taught to leave a period Forced to suppress their creative spark Thrown at the bottom of the pyramid They've successfully failed at attempting to make no effort They educate the already educated And the rest of you can shovel dirt Why do we accept this prejudiced assessment? I can't pass this test, so an idiot I must be Classify us like a piece of meat… Now you see why I have no ambition? No matter how hard these kids will try They won't have the same opportunity as me So why try? They say No child left behind But take a closer look at why I'm resigned cuz this Act segregates and then isolates The wealthy from the poor and the latter don't get a dime The rich get richer and the poor get poorer Yet the poor are fighting the war And surely they're left behind… And surely we're left behind…
The notion of truth is a projected concept that truly has no objective content but what seems to be, uncertainty 's got the best of me you gotta sift thru the shit to barley bear a bit of truth in the mainstream philosophy, psychology, theology ain't of the essence, you just need faith Christianity is sanity, the vanity is obsolescence, and you can't debate this freedom's enforced- til it pins you right to the floor The notion of faith is a projected conception that faithfully has no objective contention i don't need reality to educate me cuz i've got strength in my convictions you know i believe (blindly) and if man is made in the image of the lord I better take his holey face off my dartboard we are just machines of nature Vicar of Christ to the dog in the manger Machines of nature... in God we trust, an American must it's organized religion- faithful or bust tso arrogant and god fearing it's no wonder why… (we three are sneering) she said "the world's gonna end, and I'm goin insane" so I can get away with murder if it's in god's name What the fuck is wrong with these Americans?? I thought we've progressed from dumb barbarians...


"Destroy Babylon, originally from New Hampshire and now Boston-based, make their recorded debut with the self-released and thought-provoking Oligopuzzled. The band has a strong reggae underpinning sound-wise that is tinged with indie rock and a punk spirit, at times recalling The Police. Raucous, metal-esque guitar work and a diverse assemblage of instruments fill out the atmospheric vibe. Add a healthy dose of world-conscious lyrics, and you have a wide-ranging, genre-hopping album.

Clearly a group who wants you to be a bit puzzled, then ask some questions, Destroy Babylon puts a tripped-out spin on the reggae sound and seizes on a number of current social issues to come up with a strong first record."
-Performer Magazine, Nov 06


released July 4, 2006

John Beaudette - gits/vox/trumpet/melodica
Marc Beaudette - drums/percussion
Chris Moran - bass/keys
Rob Carmichael - git solo on "Machines of Nature"

Recorded in Nov '05 at Looking Glass and March '06 at Clinton Studios in NYC. Mixed in May '06 by Pete "Boards" Peloquin at Metronome in NH. Mastered in June '06 by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in Cambridge MA. Cover art by Lara Woolfson.


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Destroy Babylon Boston, Massachusetts

" that's just as suitable for a dance party as for a street fight." -NH Magazine

Current Projects:
Tiger Witch
Flying Vipers
The Macrotones


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